Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight Services

We specialize in ocean freight services, and we will take care of the timely delivery of your goods. We are proud of our vast professional experience from various industries such as agro commodities, automotive parts, chemicals & plastics, machinery, textile and etc.,

Ocean Freight Forwarders

Movement of cargo via Ocean is the norm for many years. It is the most economical way to transport cargo from and to Countries across Globe. Ocean liners provide vessels to many remotest of locations. Inarguably, Ocean freight is the safest mode of transport.

We at Portlinks Inc, specialize in Ocean freight for many years, doing various import and export shipments from North Korean Port- Busan and Valencia of Spain. We have a strong working rapport with leading liners like The Maersk, who have been patronizing us for decades, now.

We offer best rates to our clients with the earliest vessel available having prompt transit time without any post shipment delays.

20'/40' Conventional End Open Container

These are usually built to ISO standards, and are used for the movement of conventional dry cargo. it has inducted a fleet of approx. 12000 such 20 feet. containers either under direct ownership or on lease for internal movements within the country.

40' High Cube Container

These containers offer the added advantage of extra volumetric capacity due to their additional height, and are especially useful of movement of light but bulky cargo.

20'/40' Open Top Container

These containers are used mostly for cargo that needs to be handled with cranes and cannot be easily loaded from the front doors of the containers.

Open tops can also be used for carrying over dimensional cargo of certain types. Such containers have also been inducted for domestic service and can be supplied on demand if such cargo is offered.

20'/40' Reefer Container

These containers have also been exclusively introduced by Portlinks INC for the purpose of carrying cargo that requires greater volumetric capacity or container length.

40' High Cube Reefer Container

These are containers that can be used for the movement of refrigerated/perishable cargo. Special facilities such as the availability of plug points, portable clip on generators for trailer movements, power packs for train movements etc.

20'/40' Flat Rack Container

These containers are especially useful for carrying over dimensional cargo or fully packed machines, equipment etc.

Since most of the movement of containers on 's network is through rail, special permission must be obtained for movement of over dimensional consignments to ensure that these do not infringe upon the standard moving dimensions of the Indian Rail network.